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Non-registered association of Swiss law. Legally represented by its board, Martin Zabel, Dr. Bernhard Madörin. The association is not entitled to offer any restricted services governed by specific professional regulations to be performed by its members belonging to specific regulated professions. The association thus is neither giving legal advice nor providing any attest or audit services. As far as members are named in the internet, herein explicitly no offer of respective services by these persons is to be seen. The naming of these persons and any other is solely done for the purpose to provide information on the organisation of the association. The contents of these internet pages serve solely the general information and may not be regarded as binding legal advice. They are covered by copyrights and need for its duplication or dissemination the prior consent of the association. 

data protection

The association collects, elaborates and uses your personal data under compliance with Swiss data security laws and the data security regulations of the European Union. During your registration your personal data will be transferred directly to us and will thereafter only be stored offline and used for member administration purposes. In no instance will the association hand on any data relating to your person to third parties for advertising, marketing or any other purposes. Our members decide themselves which data shall be handed on to other members or to the public for professional reasons.


The association undertakes reasonable efforts to guarantee the correctness and reliability of the elements and contents of this internet presence. A guarantee in respect to the completeness, correctness and actuality, however, can not be given. Any liability or warranty for it is excluded. Neither the association nor their representatives, employees or other persons or companies can be held liable for damages of any kind which occur by the use or the inability of the use of these web pages.