F4 is targeting to investigate on the user needs in respect to reporting and publication requirements for private and family owned businesses in context with international business activities and cross-border financings.

F4 targets to put an independent view on comparability needs and on Pro's and Con's of further harmonisation and standardization.

F4 has identified that respective national schemes are very diverse globally and remain still within the EU rather fragmentised despite a very recent revision of accounting directives.

F4 has identified widening discussions reg. the complexity, information loads and costs of applying (full) IFRS and reg. its suitability for any size and development stage of listed companies.

F4 has identified at least in the EU that an optional use of IFRS also for large private businesses got less attractive. Question is about alternatives on an international scale.

F4 is targeting to follow closely the international practice and the use of the IFRS for SMEs in developed countries and its proof of suitability for longtime financings and operations in an international environment.

F4 is targeting to support suitable practical concepts taking the identified concerns of private businesses and identified user needs into consideration.