IAS Survey by EC

In 2014 the European Commission (EC) started an evaluation of the so called “IAS regulation” requiring the use of IFRS for consolidated accounts of listed companies from 2005 on.

It was initially being targeting to eliminate barriers on cross border trading in securities via improving transparency and comparability and to increase market efficiency by reducing the cost of capital and to enhance investor protection.

Retrospectively the relevance of this EU regulation however goes far beyond capital markets as it initiated a decade of far reaching changes in accounting, reporting and auditing structures not only in the EU but on a global scale and not only for listed companies but for private SMEs as well as for private companies of any size.

F4 has followed and accompanied the discussions on a EU level in regard to an increasingly critical reception of the development of the IFRS and its surrounding structures and the undertaking and actual plans for a number of activities in that respect:

F4 will participate in the informal expert group and will actively collect data and information of the use of IFRS.